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Say Goodbye Bad Carbs

In the last post we looked at good carbs and bad carbs, and suggested that you use to make a list of carbohydrate foods. You will get a plethora of hits and many many books will appear before your eyes. One of the best ways to wade through this vast amount of material is to simplify your search and add the word “diet” – this will reduce the number of books that will appear.

The next step you need is to look for series. Is there an author or author writing team that has a series of books on the topic? One such is the “Carbohydrate Addicts” series by the Heller Doctors, Rachel and Richard. This series has the advantage of not only does it provide you with the carb lists you require but it also lists techniques and recipes that can bring your diet under control and if you are craving carbs shows you how to change your eating habits.

This helps keep your blood sugar under control and insulin resistance, which can prevent the onset of type II diabetes, and also stop you from putting on excess weight and increasing obesity related risks.

The Advantage of Using Amazon

The advantage of continuing your search using Amazon is the number of books you will find. You will run across books on glycemic diets. This is quite useful as the glycemic index that breaks down the majority of foods that you can purchase today in America either at restaurants, fast food establishments, or at the grocery store.

A glycemic index tells you how long it takes for a particular carbohydrate to break down into energy, obviously the longer it takes the better it is for you and your diet.

Again, you can also find diet plans, glycemic charts, and a wide variety of healthy recipes to choose from.

Why Not Use The Internet?

Many people ask why not use the Internet to build your list of carbohydrate foods and get all this information for free. There were a number of reasons why searching the Internet to find the information you need is suspect.

Most of the time when you’re dealing with something from the Internet they are trying to get you hooked on a particular program, philosophy, or do it quick scheme.

While there are legitimate websites and people who genuinely want to share their information, they are buried in the noise of all the hucksters, snake oil salesman, and people are trying to get your money.

Using Amazon you’re dealing with people who at least took the time and the effort to put together a 200 or more page book, list their research material, have it annotated, cross index it, and go through the publishing process to actually have a book up on Amazon.

While this in itself, is no guarantee that the information is any better than what you can get off a webpage it does indicate some credibility on part of the author or authors.

The other major problem with surfing the net is information burnout. The number of websites dealing with the topic of carbohydrates and zero carbohydrate foods is virtually astronomical today. Finding the correct information and making it usable is often very difficult.

While in book form, you know exactly where all the material is and can readily access it as you need it. Using Amazon’s e-book formats and your smart phone or one of the e-book readers you can download the books in E-formats, so you can carry your list of carbohydrate foods with you quite conveniently as you shop at your grocery store or health food store building up a pantry or preparing one of the meals that you’ve seen in a book/e-book.

Building a list of carbohydrate foods

Can be simple and bring health into your life by using just Amazon and do a little searching, find a reputable source of information.

Along with this, you get the peace of mind knowing that the material at least has gone through some form of vetting process.

You can do research that enables you to properly identify which are bad carbohydrates and which are the good, which to avoid and which to embrace and eat.

Bon appetit!

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2 Responses

  1. Jennifer says:

    Pretty much all foods have carbohydrates in, right? Except meat? Why make a list?

    • Wacky Zack says:

      It’s for if you want to avoid the “bad” carbs, which usually means the ones that come without fiber, like in white pasta. You would want to list those so you know what to avoid.

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